Free your own Potential

Change that feeling of lost, frustration, anger, or worry. Instead hold on to healthy relationships, find your purpose. It’s all possible. Now is the time to wake up everyday feeling Joy, rather than pain, or misery about your health, love life or career.

Try a session in the Emotion Code, Body Code and the Balance Procedure, see yourself change before your own eyes.

About Me

I have been an Holistic Practitioner since the 90’s. I started with my first business,Both Feet First which is still based in Royston Hertfordshire. I began as a reflexologist focused on helping people to relax in order to aid fertility.

I found reflexology provided relief from all sorts of ailments such as anxiety, depression, bad backaches, sciatica headaches, sluggish bowels caused by I.B.S, constipation & much more.


Most appointments are done remotely either by Email or Skype. This is done by proxy. This is a great advantage as it saves time and travel for you and the results are equally positive.

Having an appointment by email or Skype has been invaluable to clients suffering from aching joints, depression or chronic fatigue as they have not needed to leave the comfort of their own home.