Genius Body Scan

(Created By Ryan Williams)

Genius Body Scan

Tap into your body’s own innate energy and listen to what it is telling you. Using the Genius biofeedback device we can energetically test and harmonise by inspiring the body to entrail frequencies that harmonise stress disturbances in the body.

Genius Biofeed Device

What is the Genius Biofeed Device?

The Genius is a safe non-invasive method of sending electromagnetic frequencies to a person directly or to their mobile device. By gathering your personal data such as your date of birth, full name, photograph and voice it energetically tests and records any stress distrubance within your energy fields.

Then by using a wide range of libraries we can look at specific frequencies that are relevant to you to identify imbalances for correction. Once imbalances are highlighted the device sends tones or sound waves to you produce a state of coherence. The Genius a geat tool for stress reduction.

By repeatedly playing the frequencies over and over your body begins to align with these frequencies, which then encourage harmony and the feeling of wellbeing. It may also suggest that you make a few lifestyle changes i.e. drink more water, exercise more or change your diet.

Genius Biofeed Device

How does it work?

Every cell in your body has an electromagnetic frequency (see Rife or Hulda Clarke on Cellular Resonance) that communicates by wave lengths.

Electrons move and vibrate which means everything, physical, mental and emotional is constantly vibrating. All matter, including the food that you eat, vitamins, medicines etc., have a frequency.

The Principles of Energy Medicine are that to change frequencies you need sound, light and electromagnetism. The Genius takes your voice wave pattern then, using mathmatical calculations, applies it to the signature of your voice.

Your voicewaves are then compared to a myriad of energetic signatures ranging from herbs, toxins, pathogens and much more, to identify stress imbalances. These stress imbalances if unresolved may create further imbalances in the way of symptoms.

Genius Biofeed Device

The Genius App

The Quanta Capsule is an app designed for you to receive special encoded frequencies from the genius biofeedback system at your own leisure. This app is suitable for most devices such as a smartphones or iPads.

The benefits of using this app mean that you can run frequencies for at least twice a day wherever you are to increase and obtain maximum benefit to achieve your goals in between having sessions with your practitioner.

In the capsule you receive frequencies that you listen to as tones that create coherence creating a state of deep relaxation. By reducing stress disturbances in the body it is noted that most people generally report that they feel happier and healthier.

Many clients report that they have experienced better sleep and a better sense of calm, more energy and feel revitalised and lighter after each session.

Monthly Subscriptions & 12 Week Programs

Using the Quanta Capsule you can sign up and join a monthly subscription or 12 week program allowing you to use your capsule for even more benefits. Programs vary from wellbeing, weight loss to relationships and clearing money blocks and much more.

The Quanta Capsule

Powerful Innovative Experience with the Genius

The Genius biofeedback system or the Quanta Capsule? If you’re considering complimenting your business the Genius is a great tool as well as using it with family and friends. If you prefer the expertise of a practitioner consider the Quanta Capsule of one-to-one or the monthly subscriptions.

The Quanta Capsule

Easy to use Quanta Capsule App on your mobile device

The Genius Biofeedback System can be life changing in lots of different ways. Use the link below to experience the Genius, free, for 14 days.

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In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.

(Albert Szent Gyorgy, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 1937)