Balancing Emotions is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years at Both Feet First I tried the Balance Procedure and haven' t felt so good in years, I can finally sleep and feel happy when I wake up. Thank You


In this day and age, it’s hard to find a practitioner that you can trust. Balancing Emotions was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – I have my life back


What a wonderful, eventful, memorable year! Over the last year, my life has changed significantly.

I was diagnosed with a condition called “primary ovarian insufficiency” (POI). Also sometimes referred to as “ovarian failure” or the much bleaker term “premature menopause”…

The doctor talked about egg donation (or adoption) as my only option for me to have children, I knew that hormones are complicated and they affect one another – but I could not believe that I would have to start hormone therapy at the age of 32. This diagnosis was life changing for me, but luckily for me I started to see a lovely holistic therapist, Beth Foley; weekly from the time I found out about my condition and decided that I would do a course in reflexology as it was so interesting, never realizing what a profound change energy therapies were going to make to my life.
Beth introduced me to the The Emotion Code and The Balance Procedure (TBP). I started using The Balance Procedure daily and Beth helped me release some trapped emotions through the Emotion Code. This has made me a much I’m a stronger and more balanced person. My friends comment on my positive energy and they want to spend time with me, my clients keep coming back and they smile.

My doctor is completely at a loss for words, but I am 35 weeks pregnant!! Miracles happen, HUGE miracles happen every day which we sometimes just miss. Absolutely amazing! When we had a scan and both my husband and I were in tears when we saw the little heart beat, makes you feel so small and realise that the source is much bigger than what we can ever imagine.
I am thankful that I have completed my reflexology qulification and that I have found the Balance Procedure for the profound changes that have happened in my life, both personally and professionally.
What can we learn from this? That there is always hope. That the body knows what is wrong. That if you ask the body what is wrong, it will tell you. That if you fix what the underlying imbalances are, people get well. It’s not rocket science. It’s really quite simple!

Vicky gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl in April 2012


After struggling for all my life with asthma I went to see Beth to see if she could help me , to my surprise after only one session of the Body Code i have not had asthma again and after a year of no symptoms threw out my inhalers. Thank you so much Beth and Dr Bradley Nelson for this brillant process.


I started to see Beth a few months ago, the treatment is amazing, and the good thing is it helps my family, my husband and grandson have been having treatment both doing well, my grandson is autistic and the difference in him was within hours, he's talking, playing, and shows now he knows who we are, to hear him call me nanny for the first time was amazing, so Beth thank you for your wonderful treatment for me and my family

Harston ,Cambridge

Thank you Beth for becoming a brilliant emotion code practitioner. Beth was recommended to me by a friend, I have learnt a couple of different healing therapies to use on myself over the last few years, I have managed to release some negative emotions and negative beliefs successfully, but I haven't been able to really get to the core of some of my deep rooted issues. So I emailed Beth and asked if she could work on me by proxy . I could always sense when I had just had a session as I felt very peaceful and light. Beth found a lot of trapped inherited emotions which she released. During the days after the sessions I really could feel the emotions coming up. I had a few sessions during that time, since the sessions I have realised I have released the need to please everybody all the time. I am a 46 year old woman but I have always felt like a little girl always trying to please people . I felt like it was my job to change who I was to make other people happy. Since my sessions I feel like the little girl has gone in me and so has my need to please people all the time, and I feel so much more confident and stronger inside. Thank you Beth the knowledge you have and the work you do is amazing!


Beth has really helped me a lot. And after she restored my immune system to full working order, I even have concrete proof that it made a huge difference in my immune response

Switzerland Nov 2014

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