Beth has an amazing gift as a healer. I’ve worked with, and have been worked on by, many healers over the last 30 years and can say, without a doubt, that Beth is the best one I have ever found, and this combined technique is the most effective. Go Beth! x

Julie Poole

Thank you, Beth, for becoming a brilliant emotion code practitioner. Beth was recommended by a friend and I have learnt different healing therapies to use on myself over the last few years. I managed to release some negative emotions and negative beliefs successfully, but I hadn’t been able to get to the core of some of my deep-rooted issues so I contacted Beth and asked if she could work on me by proxy. I could always sense when I had just had a session as I felt very peaceful and light. Beth found a lot of trapped inherited emotions which she released. During the days after the sessions I really could feel the emotions coming up. I had a few sessions during that time and realised I have released the need to please everybody all the time. I am a 46-year-old woman, but I have always felt like a little girl always trying to please people. I felt it was my job to change who I was to make other people happy. Since my sessions I feel like the little girl has gone from me and so has my need to please people all the time, and I feel so much more confident and stronger inside. Thank you, Beth; the knowledge you have and the work you do is amazing!


I started to see Beth a few months ago. The treatment is amazing and it helps my husband and my grandson. My grandson is autistic and I saw the difference in him within hours; he’s talking, playing and now shows he knows who we are. To hear him call me ‘nanny’ for the first time was amazing. Thank you, Beth, for your wonderful treatment for my family and me.

Jennie – Cambridge

What a wonderful, eventful, memorable year! Over the last year, my life has changed significantly. I was diagnosed with a condition called ‘primary ovarian insufficiency’ sometimes referred to as ‘ovarian failure’ or the much bleaker term ‘premature menopause’. The doctor talked about egg donation (or adoption) as my only option to have children. I knew that hormones are complicated and affect one another but I could not believe that I would have to start hormone therapy at the age of 32. This diagnosis was life changing, but luckily I started to see a lovely holistic therapist, Beth Foley; weekly from the time I found out about my condition. I decided to do a course in reflexology as it was so interesting, never realising what a profound change energy therapies were going to make to my life. Beth introduced me to the The Emotion Code and The Balance Procedure. I started using The Balance Procedure, daily, and Beth helped me release some trapped emotions through The Emotion Code. This has made me a much stronger and more balanced person. My friends comment on my positive energy and they want to spend time with me, my clients keep coming back and they smile. My doctor is completely at a loss for words as I am 35 weeks pregnant! Miracles happen, HUGE miracles happen every day, which we sometimes just miss. Absolutely amazing! When I had a scan both my husband and I were in tears when we saw the little heartbeat. It makes you feel so small and realise that the source is much bigger than what we can ever imagine. I am thankful that I have completed my reflexology qualification and that I have found The Balance Procedure for the profound changes that have happened in my life, both personally and professionally.

Vikki – Melbourn, Cambs

I first met Beth in August 2009 as I felt I was not making adequate recovery progress following an ME diagnosis 3 years previously. From the very first moment I walked through the door for my first appointment with Beth she put me at immediate ease and was full of complete positivity about me regaining my health & wellness. Over the years Beth has never given up her determination that we would sort everything out. She has always shown me nothing short of complete dedication in finding the best method in dealing with whatever came my way. Not only has Beth given me the tools by which to reclaim my life back but she has also become an inspiration and a true friend to me who is always on hand to advise or offer me guidance. Beth is totally committed to helping her clients and she never gives up. Her knowledge and wisdom have proven invaluable. I am thankful to have met Beth in 2009 as had I not done so my life would have followed a very different path. I have my life and health back and am now able to look forward to the future. I hope to help others in a similar capacity, none of which would have ever been possible had I not been on the journey over the past 8-10 years. I have been lucky that Beth has been dedicated to my cause as she is to all her clients. I would recommend Beth to everyone.


Over recent weeks my family and I have run Genius Analysis on ourselves to identify the imbalances that have been contributing to a variety of symptoms, some long-term chronic symptoms and other more seasonal or acute symptoms. It has been amazing to discover the different imbalances that were creating these symptoms. Beth provided us with our own taylor-made appropriate balancing frequencies after our initial analysis sessions. We decided to purchase the app from her to enable us to continue playing our specific frequencies over the coming days. After our initial sessions with Beth we could play our specific healing frequencies whenever we felt the need to do so over the following 7-10 days, which we are sure has helped balance the issues that were highlighted at our initial analysis. It has been even more exciting to note the improvements in those symptoms after having played the healing frequencies ourselves via the app. It is an invaluable tool to help restore balance and to uncover the root causes of whatever issues or stresses your body is facing. I would totally recommend both Beth and her work with the Genius.


I was suffering from low self-esteem and couldn’t get another job. After two weeks of listening to the frequencies on my phone I feel more confident and now have a new job. I love listening to the frequencies!


I started sessions with Beth first of all to help with thyroid problems but then to prevent having my ovaries removed. I still have regular sessions and I am glad to say I didn’t need surgery or medication.


Beth was highly recommended to me and I wasn’t disappointed. My dog, Harry, who suffers from hyperthyroidism, was losing a lot of his coat in patches. After treatment with the Genius, which Harry loved, he began to improve! On his last routine blood test, the vet couldn’t believe how well he had done!


I started sessions with Beth first of all to help with thyroid problems but then to prevent having my ovaries removed. I still have regular sessions and I am glad to say I didn’t need surgery or medication.


After a session with Beth I no longer need a back operation. I highly recommend Body Code.

South London

After a few sessions of Body Code with Beth I am excited to say that I did not need my breast removed.

Anne – Bedford

Where shall I start? I first met Beth when she gave an inspirational talk on The Emotion Code at my local AOR meeting. I was so inspired by how she worked and booked a couple of sessions with her for The Emotion Code and Body Code. I was ‘blown away’ by the power of how she could just tune in to what she needed so intuitively. She also used The Balance Procedure while she was working with the other modalities which seemed to further enhance her work. A few years down the line and Beth still amazes me with the results she gets from working with her clients. More recently she started using the Genius Biofeedback system and I feel that she has now gone up another level with using all the modalities together. I am in awe of her and excited to see where the future takes her. Thank you, Beth, for the difference you have made in my life.


I was introduced to Beth, through a friend, a year ago. I initially contacted her as I wanted to resolve a physical health issue in my uterus where I had fibroids and polyps as well as a wart-type growth that was scheduled to be surgically removed. We had about 6 weeks before surgery which I was not so keen on doing. The sessions were intense and multiple; as many as 2-3 per week as many emotional, ancestral, physical, absorbed and karmic issues were entangled in these growths. I would receive the codes and listen through the app, sometimes feeling very energetic and upbeat, while other times very lethargic and needing to rest and sleep. The first sign was the wart-type growth receding in size to almost nil. The surgery date was approaching and I persuaded my gynaecologist to check a few days before the surgery, by ultrasound, as I expressed my concern that I might have shrunk the growths. The gynaecologist confirmed, with measurements and pictures, that the growths were still there and wouldn’t disappear without any treatment. I was a bit disheartened but had one more session per day where Beth was sure that everything had cleared. Beth asked me to listen to the code continuously until the day of surgery. I did and was feeling very neutral and zen-like, eating and resting for the 24 hours prior to the day. My surprise came when the doctor reported that they had not found any growths and that they only removed what was left of the wart. I couldn’t believe my ears! Since then I have continued to work with Beth, not only for me, but for other members of my family in addressing many different issues and allowing me the clearance needed on the physical, mental and emotional aspects facilitating my forward progress to be whole and complete.

Rana Abdul Raziz

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