The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure created By Jenny Cox

This is neither a therapy nor a healing. It is natural and holistic. Easy to learn and yet a powerful tool for you to use yourself.

It is a non-verbal energy technique that asks for a suspension of belief and logic, but to trust in your own inner life force.

Use it every day it will increase your confidence, and help transform your life to what it should be. There is no studying, no rituals, no meditation, just amazing results. An energy technique that helps you to be the person you want to be.

With the Balance Procedure, there is no need to discuss any personal details or past history. No one is considered broken nor in need to be healed. Our thoughts and limiting beliefs affect our behaviour in our daily lives, so let’s make them work for us.

The Balance Procedure enables you to release and transform old patterns of thought, and create new patterns that enable you to achieve your goals, leading you to create happiness and joy in your life.

I am a registered Practitioner and Trainer for the Balance Procedure, for further information on events and training please see:-