Welcome to Both Feet First

I am Beth Foley, I have been working as a Holistic Practitioner for many years and established ‘Both Feet First’, in the early 90’s. I began as a Reflexologist and soon found that Reiki was a great partner to this.

Reflexology and Reiki are known to provide relief from many ailments. Whilst I maintained a specific focus on the areas of fertility and relaxation I also worked with patients on other concerns such as anxiety, depression, sciatica, headaches, IBS, stress and poor circulation; the therapeutic benefits of Reflexology and Reiki were endless.  During my career as a Reflexologist, I became a Reiki Master Teacher .

Later on I became constantly aware of many people suffering from either low moods, low energy, allergies and intolerances . As a result and I started to look into these ailments a bit deeper. From there I went on to learn about Vega Allergy Testing and Nutritional Therapy and how nutritional deficiencies can affect one’s mood.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique became another modalty whereby energy clearing and realigning occurred through working with energy flow through the meridian energy system, by eliminating energy blocks.

Years later and after continuous learning I discovered ‘The Balance Procedure’ and ‘Emotion Code’. This was when my second business ‘Balancing Emotions’ was established. I find that holistic therapies, Balance Procure and Emotion code, work very well alongside each other and my clients have had some great results.

For more information on the Balance Procedure and Emotion code and please visit my website: www.balancingemotions.co.uk.