The Belief Code

The Belief Code uses mind-mapping technology to allow the subconscious to identify limiting beliefs that are not serving your highest good. Beliefs and Belief Systems are made of energy. Energy is vibration and as we are made of vibrational energy these beliefs or programs can simply run continually in the background. These Beliefs are stored in the in the energy body, like trapped emotions. As a Certified Belief Code Practitioner, I can locate and release the energy of these beliefs, by removing them from your system so you are free to begin creating from a more empowered state of being.
The Belief Code - Tree diagram
There are 5 types of Belief systems.
Belief Code, a image of a tree representing  a normal Belief System

The Basic Belief

The Basic Belief is like a simple tree. Composed of a negative program (like the outer branches and leaves of a tree. Negative programs create automatic responses such as negative response and negative self talk.
With a limiting Belief. A limiting belief can be likened to the trunk of a tree this represents the “why” as in “why” does this system exist. The why can be created by yourself, Or suggested or inherited etc.
Then we find the Faulty core belief this is where a negative belief is supported and reinforced by other events and emotions and begins to grow and expand like the roots of a tree spreading and getting bigger.
In addition it may have an additional faulty core identity (like soil that allows the tree to grow

Belief Code, a image of a tree representing  a Split Belief System

Split Belief System

Split Belief system like a tree with one trunkbut splitting into two at the top. This will have two sets of negative programs and limiting beliefs originating from one faulty core belief. Usually with one Negative Program in each split and two limiting beliefs with one faulty core belief.
Belief Code, a image of a tree representing  a parallel Belief System

Parallel Belief System

Two or three belief systems that are separate but associated with each other. Associated belief systems are often inherited negative Programs. Like a tree with three splits. Usually, three of everything. 3 negative beliefs, three limiting beliefs three faulty core beliefs.
Belief Code, a image of a tree representing  a tangled Belief System

Tangled Belief System

A belief system that shares the same negative programs and limiting beliefs but has differing faulty core beliefs.
Belief Code, a image of a tree representing a partial Belief System

Partial Belief System

A belief system that is incomplete or missing negative programs or limiting beliefs. Can also be a list of beliefs without any hierarchy or structure.
Sometimes we can also have a faulty core identity these can begin in childhood where we simply taken on ideas of others around us without question. Usually, you yourself do not see or recognise these.
Belief Systems can dramatically impact every aspect of a person’s life and removal has a huge impact.

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